Swimming to go Pro

The new International Swimming League (ISL) is an organisation set up to explore the full potential of competitive swimming and secure sustainable commercial growth in the sport. The brief of the organisation is to increase the popularity of swimming.

The ISL proposed exciting new format of team based competition involves mixed-gender teams with equal numbers of women and men. Swimmers will compete for team rather than individual points. This new format reflects the changing demands of fans, athletes, broadcasters and sponsors alike – action packed, with fast paced spectacular entertainment at its heart. Designed to attract a worldwide broadcast audience of millions underpinning its commercial future, this new concept, a first in international swimming, has been well received by individual athletes, amateurs and pros alike, officials, swimming enthusiasts as well as sports organizations. Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN) was among the first to voice its support by signing a framework agreement with ISL on May 4, 2018.  The most notable feature, and perhaps most appealing to athletes, is that all stakeholders in the event stand to benefit financially.

For more information, please see the International Swimming League website

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