CAQ Lifesaving is coached by Tom Ballantyne with support from a number of members who have competed at both State and National level . It is run over the summer season, in the Bayswater Waves 50m pool on Saturdays from 9am to 10am. For more accurate information, please check the calendar

The CAQ Lifesaving Program is designed for proficient swimmers Level 6 and above to develop lifesaving skills and attainment of, or work towards attainment of, awards such as Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross; and pool lifesaving sport skills.

Membership to CAQ Lifesaving is free to CAQ members and is $50 for non-members.

Check out the Junior Lifeguard Club for more information on the programme.

Lifesaving aims to develop survival skills and the skills, knowledge, judgement, techniques and physical ability required to carry out safe water rescues. Practical skills learnt include CPR, tows, survival and rescue skills, rescue initiatives and management of spinal injuries.

Lifesaving sport skills, include obstacles, line throw, manikin carry and manikin tow. The sport develops a  lifesaver‘s skills in rescue, accident prevention and emergency care. Members who learn these skills can compete in the Junior Lifeguard State Titles, which is an introduction to lifesaving sport competition. For U14s and above there is also the opportunity to compete in pool lifesaving sport development sessions, Lifesaving State Trials and the Australian Pool Lifesaving Championships. These events are held annually.


For more information on Lifesaving, check on Royal Lifesaving WA